The story behind the title…

This website/blog was birthed out of my searching desire to mature in Christ.  You see I am in no way as mature in Christ as I hope to be even a couple months from now.  The Bible tells us that we ought to search out His ways.  And yet, as we search Him out, i.e…. His Goodness, Beauty, Light, Mercy, Love, and Wisdom, we find that it is impossible to fully know Him.   That is by His design, we see through a glass darkly (according to the Word of God) now, but there will come a time when our total vision shall be restored.  Until then, my goal is to pursue Him day by day for what I am able to understand about Him.   I am never surprised to learn that there is more to His Goodness, Beauty, Light, Mercy and Love, but am I ever amazed when those attributes of Him are reflected in and through me.   The better I know Him, the better daughter to Him I am, and the rest of my titles benefit as well.   We can’t know Him without revelation of Him through His Word and the revelation through the Holy Spirit.   The more I know Him, the more useful I am to Him, and from a purely internal perspective the more stable, secure, joy-filled, wise and at peace I am.   I truly understand why the Lord instructs us to above all seek understanding.   As I understand, I grow.  The Bible says that without understanding people cast off restraint……that is a picture of a backward moving scene.   But as we gain understanding, we are able to cast down strongholds (those holes and hills that keep us bound and unfruitful) in our lives and become more of what He has called us to be, and therefore forward going.  

 He said wisdom is the principal thing, and that as we exalt wisdom (Jesus), He will promote us.  I am fully convinced, and grateful to the Holy Spirit for revealing this truth to me, that our lives are hidden in Christ.   The only way to live the abundant life God has ordained is to, in every getting, get understanding…….of The Great I Am; of the power of His Majesty; of the deliverance He has secured for us on the Cross; of His power to destroy the yoke of bondage to sin our lives; His Liberty (one where the free are truly free, and the redeemed are no longer bound); His Love; His Righteousness and His Peace.  

I find in my own life that it is so easy to get bogged down in plans, desires, acquiring and accomplishing things and such.    What I know to be true, through trial and error of course, is that the achieved plans, acquired desires and things and accomplishments mean nothing when the most important element of life has been pushed aside or placed on the backburner of your life.    God, and the pursuit of and for Him, must come first in our lives, with EVERYTHING else second.   Jesus is the lover of our souls.  This means that no thing or person can care for our souls the way He does.   When we disconnect or get things out of order in our lives, we leave our lover behind….oh, and He is the very wisdom of God……the very person we need in every situation and pursuit in our lives.

Truly, ”Wisom is the principle thing;  Therefore get wisdom.  And in all your getting, get understanding.”  Proverbs 4:7 NKJV.

May God bless you richly as you pursue your life hidden in Christ.   It is a great and wonderful thing that we are able to do this together.   If you are going on a long trip (much work to be done in me and its gonna take a while) you might as well bring along travelling mates right.    I hope you enjoy the site.   I encourage you to participate in discussions held here.    Invite other travelling mates as everyone is welcome.   And most importantly, pray for me and I am promise that I am praying for you.

In His Love ,


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