About Me

I am in love…. with Jesus. I wish I were more like Him. I do my best to be the best example, parent, sibling and friend I can be. I do fall short. I am nowhere near perfect. I am a student at heart. I read mostly non-fiction material. I am constantly trying to improve myself. I can get very dissapointed at the pace of improvement and change in my life. I have a growing appreciation for the seasons of life. I don’t know where I’d be had I not accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. I go to sleep every night knowing that I am saved unto an eternity in Heaven. I know that based on my own merit I am not truly worthy of the eternal life God has given me. Sometimes I wish God would just go on ahead and “get her done” with regard to my character development. But I do know that the day my character development is complete I’ll be in Heaven. My goal is to keep myself yielded to being God’s masterpiece…He is the potter and I am the clay. I love to sing…without an audience. The first time I ever danced was for Jesus. I like long baths. I am a morning person. I don’t care much for shopping. One day I will treat myself to a housekeeper. I cherish one on one connections with friends and family. Romantic comedies are the best to me. I am tickled at watching squirrels play…. I could watch them for hours. I laugh at myself often…multiple times daily. My passion for the issues close to my heart can be intense, but I don’t usually take myself too seriously. I am changed. I am born again. I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit as promised in the book of Acts in the Bible. I love to play tennis. I have a passion for helping people in the areas of self esteem and physical health. I hate the fact that there are more unhealthy foods available than healthy ones. I hate even more that I happen to really like so many foods that are of no nutritional value. I know that tithing saves money and giving financial offerings to the Lord multiplies it. I am hungry to learn. I know that without true understanding knowledge is useless. It’s not a vacation to me unless it involves sand, sun and crystal clear water.  I never understood how or why those “born again types” were so adament and consistent about going to Church until I became one. I know that a life in Christ has the answers to all my problems as well as yours. I am less and less restrained regarding stating what God has placed on my heart.. I wish I understood more of His Word and His Ways. If I could ask God one thing it would be “what didn’t the church understand about His mercy and grace, or where did we get it wrong”. I was wrong one time in my life….not! I get it wrong from time to time, but it is out of those times that I really receive life’s lessons. This is where not taking myself too seriously helps. I wish I had learned to play the piano as a child. I will learn someday. I hate failure. I respect the opinions of others. My prayer daily is that God would deposit a love for all people into my heart that I might be useable as His servant. I am humbled by the fact that I could even be used by God. Because God chose me I know He is both willing and able to work with and use the most conflicted of souls. His light in my life has changed everything about who I am. I am a new creation. I am the product of an all merciful God. I am determined to share with all who will listen how the Lord God Almighty turned my mourning into dancing and my sorrow into joy.

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